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Angband and Zangband's Journal
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Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
7:21 pm
is Wonder overrated?
The Wonder Spell invokes a random spell. I've just sold a Wand of Wonder for about 400 gold and, in Conjurings and Tricks, you need 10 mana to cast a Spell of Wonder (compare with 6 for Frost Bold or Teleport Self). Isn't Wonder way overrated? or am I missing something? I mean, I used it in a desperate situation just hoping that it will help me, but didn't work: one magic missile and a couple of polymorph monster.

So, am I missing something? is there any creative way of using this to do something useful?

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
12:59 pm
Explosively Breeding Monsters: Cheating?
You've all seen them bazillions of times: lice, rats, mice, insects, oozes with the 'breeds explosively' characteristic. Normally worth 0.1-0.5 xp apiece, they're not worth the trouble. If you can't contain them, you run before you get overwhelmed.

But. What do you do when you find a room big enough to let them breed, a door that can be closed, and you have ball spells... and they're worth 2.5 xp apiece when your next level is 1000 xp off?

Is it cheating to spend a few thousand turns continuously farming mobs that self-replenish?

Or is it 'working as intended'? What about T.o.M.E's Lesser Wall Monsters, slow-moving, but worth -30- XP apiece, and requiring some dodging as they eat the dungeon out from around you? Would you farm those?

Your opinions welcome. :)


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12:33 pm
*gulp* You feel ...
To speed up the early part of Angband, I decend rapidly and use most consumable items. This grants a little experience and allows me to know what they are without: either carrying them back to town, or using identify on them. On occasion this has turned dangerous, like reading scrolls of summon undead, but only once now has it been deadly.

Around dlvl 10, I found a pungent potion. A quick sip and my HP was around -4900. So I finally found a potion of death and drank from it.... :(

Current Mood: accomplished

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Friday, February 20th, 2009
9:33 pm
My first level 50, and my first winner
So I just finished playing my very first winner, which also happened to be my very first level 50 character too!

Paragon - Level 50 High-Elf Warrior - NPPAngband 0.5.0-BETA6Collapse )

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1:44 pm
Sigh...a similar mistake...
So, I didn't realize I was fighting TOM the Stone Troll and not just another stone troll. The room packed with trolls should've clued me in, but he looked like all the others. At any rate, I checked the hit points too late, and only after I started wondering what was taking so long with this one stone troll. Got about as far as the last game.

Have a question, I was using Sting because of the speed boost (7 attacks per round!). Was that the right decision?

Character DumpCollapse )

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
10:15 am
Yeah, I'm sure I get what I deserve, posting to a dead community, but here goes.... maybe someone's still out there.

People, what's the highest level you've played to?

Now I freely admit I have other hobbies besides Angband, but to date, I have never, ever won the game. A few days ago, I lost a character at level 39, and I was pretty damn proud of myself for getting that far. I still love this stupid game, I really do.

What's the highest level you've gotten to? With filescumming or without?

If you won the game, what did you do it with?

I used to play all high-elf mages, but got fed up with the slow exp; now I play gnome mages.

ETA: been playin' since 1993! Told you I love this stupid game.

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Sunday, March 30th, 2008
10:36 pm
Playing a Half-Troll mage now. It's taken a few characters to get the hang of it, but I'm happily cruising now past stat gain. Just cleared out a 'Bubbles' vault at 2350'. Lots of uniques, out-of-depth baddies, and shinies. Picked up some extra copies of Raal's and Mordenkainen's, and also found a few copies of Tenser's. Took a long freaking time to clear out, but was worth it :)

Now I need to sort through my gear, decide what I'm going to wear, and then dive down.

Note that I'm also updating the character (more frequently) on angband.oook.cz.

[V3.0.9a] Thyme VI, Level 39 Half-Troll Mage @ 2350'Collapse )

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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
8:58 pm
my best character yet.

Just got off a really boring level where I kept lunging at Akhorahil with my spear, ignoring his eyes that seemed to drain the life out of me, until he collapsed to the floor. Then went after Castamir and got into a pattern where I'd hit and he'd heal himself until eventually his magic failed him. Medusa was near, but I kept encountering her after someone else had beaten me up first, so I'd have to teleport. Then I took out Rogrog, shooting him with acid from far away so that he wouldn't shoot me with acid. Finally I encountered Medusa when I was healthy enough to battle her. I drilled a twisty corridor into the wall with my spells and started at her with my spear when she ventured in, and she eventually fell, too. Interesting time for a boring level. I wanted to go back and pick up whatever Akhorahil had dropped, but it got too dangerous with the hydras that outlived Medusa when they burnt my staff of teleportation and I was low on spell books.

Unlike my last character, I didn't have free action until I'd been hanging around levels 20-22 for quite a while and finally found a ring. It probably made me more prepared for stat gain. Wielding Totila would be nice for the confusion resist, but I do much more damage with Aeglos (maybe that will change when I have more DEX). I figure I won't dive much more at least until my dex is maxed (I haven't found nearly enough dexterity potions). Of course, I want hold life, too, but I haven't found anything that would give it.

Feel free to give advice.

Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: pleased

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Friday, February 29th, 2008
8:35 pm
Never send a high-elf [Fingolfin] to do a half-troll's job.
Since the last update, Basil began to accelerate towards the final conflict. Nenya and the Mithril Plate Mail of Celeborn rounded out his gear; final configuration gave him fire/acid/cold immunities, ridiculous damage, esp, +38 permanent speed, and all high resists save shards.

By the time he got to Sauron, he had cleared all the uniques save for three. Sauron summoned Baphomet (quickly dispatched) and then proceeded to lead me on a merry* chase around the level for the last 40% of his hp. After Sauron teleported away ~10 times, he decided to stick around and see if he could mana storm me to death.

* not merry

You can probably guess how well that worked.

One thing left to do, then.

cross-posted to angband.oook.cz

Basil, level 50 Half-Troll Warrior @ 5000'Collapse )

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
1:53 am
Slowly diving downwards. Found a greater vault at 3650' .. between it and a few dozen great wyrms, Basil is close to his end-game gear. I'm going to dive down more rapidly now, pausing only to kill uniques and clear vaults.

The greater vault was very good to Basil. It contained a few greater wyrms, master qulythulgs, and Lungorthin, Gabriel, and Carcharoth. Gabriel gave me a bit of grief with his summons, and Lungorthin summoned Pazuzu to join in the party. All were slain, and the greater vault was pillaged.

Note that I am cross-posting the character to angband.ook.cz.

Basil, level 50 Half-Troll Warrior @ 3650'Collapse )

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Thursday, February 21st, 2008
12:18 pm
Basil is currently decked out. He has all high resists save disenchant and shards, plenty of speed, lots of damage, decent (but not 18/200) hp, etc. A few more gear upgrades and he'll be set to take on morgoth. I need to dive and fast :)

At 2250' Basil found a greater vault. I've taken some screen dumps and posted them here. He spotted a long sword (4d5) sitting in the NE corner and made a beeline for it. Yep, my second character to find ringil! Also picked up the Golden Crown of Gondor and a couple rings of speed (+3, +6).

Two undead vaults between then and now have also coughed up a number of tasty artifacts.

Basil, level 47 Half-Troll Warrior @ 2750'Collapse )

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Saturday, February 16th, 2008
10:54 pm
Stat-gain is basically done. My home is full of weapons and armor and items, see discussion (and dump) below the cut. I need some sustains and xp, and always more speed - and I'm perpetually dreadfully low on scrolls - but I'm ready to dive deeper. All the uniques I've fought except for Mim are dead.

Basil, level 40 Half-Troll Warrior @ 2100'Collapse )

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
9:55 pm
Let's hope posting a dump doesn't get me whacked immediately like last time :)

Got a half-troll warrior sitting in stat-gain now. Just killed Lorgan - three times! The first two times a buggy ati driver crashed my xserver after I killed him and forgot to save. The third battle was much closer than the last two - Lorgan summoned the Queen Ant, an Emperor Wight (+10 speed, casts nether bolts), and a Death Knight (+10 speed, casts nether bolts, summons monsters). I ported most of the uglies away with my wands, which pick the worst times to fail.

Lorgan reduced me to double digit hp a couple of times in our fight (not with any nether bolt casters around, happily). Finally dropped him, then I hunted down the wights and the death knight. I fought the death knight in an anti-summoning tunnel, as he liked to bring along more wights, master vampires, etc as we fought..

Basil, level 33 Half-Troll Warrior @ 1600'Collapse )

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
11:01 pm
Started a new character recently. Gen's been lucky so far, picking up a blessed sword early on with ESP. Situational awareness seems to help, since she's made it down to stat-gain.

Gen, level 31 High-Elf Mage @ 1550'Collapse )

I rolled this character in Angband 3.0.6, brought her into 3.0.9 and played with her long enough to find out that 3.0.6 won't load a 3.0.9 savefile :). Angband 3.0.9 has some interesting new options, but adult_ai_smart is broken for whatever reason. I have ai_smart forced off in the code (ignores savefile option), monsters don't flow like I'm used to. Bleh.


Edit: turns out, it wasn't Morgoth that got me :) Found a big big vault @ 1550' when I went back down, surrounded by permanent walls. Detect monsters reveals a handful of zephyr hounds, young and mature dragons (incl a mature multi-hued) .. and then an Ancient Gold Dragon and a Death Drake. Detect Enchantments revealed a handful of items (incl mithril armor) and stat potions, so I'm going in. I tunneled through the rock, luring the mobs out one by one and either teleporting them away from out of line of sight (MMHD, AGD, DD) or killing them.

YASD @ 1550'Collapse )

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
11:52 am
How could I have avoided this?

So I was on level 32, shooting missiles off at monsters in a corridor, trying to avoid losing too many hp. I had a good feeling. It magically summoned monsters, and then it magically summoned its minions. Maybe that should have been a clue to get away (I hadn't yet found any stat potions). I had 94/177 hp, and then:

It casts a nether bolt. --more--
You feel your life draining away. You die. --more--

The latter "it" was a black wraith, six levels out of depth.

I'm just not any good at this game. *sigh*

Current Mood: frustrated

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
12:38 pm
Tiles Question
Way back when I was first exposed to Angband, several years ago, the game came with an enhanced tileset. Nothing super fancy, not real 'graphics' - just solid-color block items with just enough definition to know what they were. A suit of armor was an armor-shaped blob in grey for metal, in tan for leather, and the like.

I liked that intermediate "not quite graphic, but better than ASCII" tileset, but subsequent releases I've tried don't see to have it - I can do ASCII, or I can do full-on graphics.

Is that pseudo-graphical tileset available in any relatively modern release of Angband or ZAngband?

Bonus question : *IS* there a relatively modern release of ZAngband? Thangorodrim seems dormant, and rephial is just for the pure game.

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2007
3:27 am
[Zangband 2.7.4c] Change race back?
My dark elven warrior accidentally caught a ball of radiation and turned into an ugly cyclops :/. Is there any way to turn him back? He got a potion of new life (and can search the dungeon for more if needed) - but I'm afraid this wont help, since it is no mutation.
Any ideas?

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Thursday, June 21st, 2007
4:32 pm
Arameldor VII is a 33 dwarven priest in NPPAngband, just now entering stat gain. He picked up a quest to clear out a demon-infested cave dweller stronghold at 1450'. The ~260 demons included Draebor the Imp, a few dozen Vrocks and Erinyes, a few Death Quasits and bunch of Boleks, Tengus, Quasits, Homunculi, and Imps. Fireballs and bolts ended up burning quite a bit of his gear - staff of teleport, quite a few of his prayer books .. but a slow and steady advancing approach dropping things out of range with orb of draining worked well.

Screen DumpCollapse )

Character DumpCollapse )

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Saturday, June 16th, 2007
3:45 pm
Holy overpowered rangerness, Batman! That was by far the easiest Morgoth battle I've ever had. After the GCV at 2700' and all its goodies and dead uniques, Aragorn dove like a rock down to 4950'. Little equipment of any interest was found except for a better Ring of Speed (+13) and Narya, which gave me some pause for thought. In the end, I decided fire immunity was better than a second Ring of Speed (three cheers for my precious arrows not getting incinerated and for laughing in the faces of silly Great Hell Wyrms!). The one hole in my defenses was the total lack of lightning resistance, which meant that Great Storm Wyrms and their ilk (as well as anything that likes to summon Ancient Dragons!) were to be greatly feared. I couldn't find any source of lightning resistance strong enough to justify switching equipment, so I tended to walk around with Resistance in effect. Sauron caught me out in the open and reminded me why I hate summoners (if I'd wanted a graveyard, I would have scummed for one*), but a teleport, an exorcism, some digging, and a few well placed arrows had him begging for mercy. Since my last Mage victory involved the now defunct Globe of Invulnerability**, I decided to go the Priest route and make a Rune of Protection*** chamber. What a waste. Teleport Other and a generous supply of Seeker Arrows of Holy Might shut the twisted Valar down for good in record time. Oh, he summoned Vecna, the Emperor Lich and Kronos, Lord of the Titans, and they brought their escorts with them, but Aragorn was packing every scroll of Banishment and Mass Banishment he'd been able to save, so, uh, yeah.

In short, Rangers rock. Also, this game still needs an 'auto_destroy_crappy_items' option. Dump from after returning to town:
YACDCollapse )
* There was no scumming involved in the production of this victory.
** Thanks for rubbing that spell's absence in, whoever wrote the description for the Potion of Death!
*** When did Rune of Protection find its way into a Mage spellbook?!

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
2:44 pm
Curse you Shelob!
So I'm playing T.O.M.E., and doing very well (3rd best character I've ever had) as a Rhonanknight Possessor. Mirkwood was tough. One level I had a quest to kill Ancient Dragons and then later I had a quest to kill Green Thunderbirds (I was in the mid 20s at the time). I swapped out bodies before tackling the Thunderbirds, and through a lot of thought and consideration I got through the encounters. I was quite proud of myself at this point for strategically succeeding. I ended up incarnating the Thunderlord's body, and life became a breeze. I cleared out Moria no problem (Durin's Bane was a wimp). I cleared out Cirith Ungol with little problem. Shelob gave me some trouble, but I overcame.

So where is the badness? Shelob dropped her corpse, and I figured I would upgrade. I figured I would lose a slot to hold my weapon and probably couldn't wear any boots or gloves. I checked my resists and everything, and I thought I would be fine without those items. So I make the change, lose the Thunderlord body, and get Shelob. First off, I was accostomed to 7 blows/round averaging in the mid 300s for damage. Now I get 4 blows/round for mid 100s for damage. The spells she can cast are resisted by most creatures. I could summon spiders (that got me interested in taking the body in the first place), but they were usually low level spiders. I headed into Mordor and got stomped pretty handily (depsite 1400+ hp). I was surrounded by enemies and couldn't fight my way out. I'm pretty sure I could have if I had kept my Thunderlord body.

Lesson learned the hard way.

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
4:25 am
My best character so far!
I started played NPPAngband again a little while ago... and thought I'd just post my current character. I've never made it this far before, I usually die before I hit level 20 due to carelessness.
What do you think?

Here's the dumpCollapse )

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Sunday, May 20th, 2007
1:07 am
Why do I have such a small inventory?!
Aragorn the Dunadan Ranger (Player Level 40) had a superb feeling when he set foot on 2700'. After activating the Star of Elendil (the Phial didn't show up until 1950'! *grumble*), our hero noted the characteristic pattern of a Greater Checkerboard Vault. Rather than rush in to almost certain doom, he decided to clear the rest of the level to minimize the chances of an unpleasant encounter in the event of an emergency teleport. Also high on his list of priorities was finding arrows to replace the stock depleted during a toasty battle against the Balrog of Moria and his fire-breathing escorts, most of whom never awoke before our stealthy hero introduced them to the Flame of the West (discovered significantly earlier than the Phial) on 2650' - there were some close calls, but Gandalf turned out to be wrong, for that foe was not beyond our hero. With nothing of interest (and no arrows) to be found elsewhere on the current level, Aragorn approached the Vault and used his magic to determine what horrors lay within.

It breathes nether.Collapse )

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Friday, May 4th, 2007
9:13 am
Fellow Adventurers,

After reading countless ToME stories I finally downloaded the game yesterday and spent all afternoon and evening dying horrible and embarassing deaths. Does anyone have any recommendations for a ToME newbie who is v. used to ZAngband?

Some things seem a little weird. On the one hand, my Ent Warrior can cream a Skeleton creature (kobold?), then get wasted by a sparrow. This seems counterintuitive. Also, at the start all my characters seem "bad" or "poor" at pretty much everything, even when I try to pick race/class combos that would seem to complement each other. What gives?

The game looks very interesting and detailed; I'd like just a bit of explanation to help surmount the learning curve. :-)


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Friday, March 30th, 2007
12:58 pm
I've been playing a bit of ironman lately, and have had a few promising beginnings dashed by bad luck or dumb mistakes. I haven't gotten much further than 500' before getting iced by some orc lord or swamped by lice as I search for the stairs down.

I use the auto-scummer to make each level more exciting, but since I haven't made it very deep with this lineage no really nice items have come up. Imagine my surprise today when I walk down to 250' and am informed, "You feel there is something special about this level." I've never gotten that one before, and since i'm not preserving artifacts, I start to get excited, praying I don't step on a trapdoor.

The level seems huge and tangled, I explore it finding some staves, wands, a couple rings, some incredible haul but not the strangely-improved arms or equipment i'm looking for (or perhaps a phial). A monster drops a rod of trap detection, and I find a trap door I had previously blundered by unawares. But still no artifact. I've been everywhere, and searched the rooms near the empty corners, wasting a few thousand turns at least, when I realize one of the groups of 'hallways' i've been through is the outer ring of a darkened lair... I find the secret entrance, and open the door to find...

A Jelly pit, with a life-draining grape jelly standing just inside, which ganks me repeatedly as I try to light the room with a wand of light. By the time i'm satisfied the room does not contain any artifacts, i've got about half the XP I came in with and less strength, to boot. I get the hell out of there and head downstairs, immediately checking my known artifacts, which are all there... But then notice I "feel there is something special about this level", too.

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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
2:45 pm
[V3.0.6mod] In Times like this, you know you are about to die
For Idril XXIII walked down the stairs to a superb feeling. Fearing another jelly pit, she activated detection. Scanning the objects, a sword was 4d5... only twenty squares away, yet no corridor towards it. Should I tunnel, should I walk around? Playing it cautious, I walked around. Every ten squares I would activate a rod of trap detection. No trouble encountered, so I picked up Ringil on DL38! Never has any of my characters found it before.

Caveat: since I am a programmer and I have so little time to play, I recompiled the game to slightly increase chances to find an artifact (but I've avoiding any math to quantify the increase). So the mod provides more support for diving... and stupid deaths. The net effect is to increase the chances of finding bad artifacts like 2d4 daggers, etc; and somehow make the phial less common.

Current Mood: worried

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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
6:06 pm
Website update
For those of you who can't read Usenet newsgroups... my official Norseband web site is finally complete. I'll post updates (both here and there) as the game itself progresses.

Current Mood: busy

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Thursday, February 1st, 2007
9:42 pm
Stop running, stabbing = love!
One more question- how in the hell do you stop enemies from teleporting or 'fleeing'? These things are almost always invulnerable to slow effects and the like. I'm tired of fighting enemies, particularly uniques, who teleport away after one hit.

Secondary question- is there a list somewhere of exactly what the different spells and potions do? Not to ID them, as I realize the colors and suchlike are unique to each character, but I have no idea what a potion of *Curing* does, etc.

Ummm, last question. Is there any particular way to stop enemies from summoning more enemies? I've managed through so far, but it's an enormous roadblock in some cases when an enemy will summon a legion of enemies that in turn summon more. Particularly nasty when combined with the teleport/blink ability.

(Replied to comments in my previous post.)

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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
2:04 am
Some newbie help?
I've looked through many FAQ's, wikis, websites, etc. While I'm enjoying the Zelazny variant of Angband (Currently playing ZAngbandTK 2.40r5) I have a few questions. Most of this stems from what seems to be the perpetual curse of roguelikes. Which is, namely, poor documentation and user interface. Please, don't shoot. :)

1- I'm using the isometric graphics update for the game. In the Micro Map, something is driving me nuts. I can tell that dungeon paths up are colored green, ones down are blue, and doors are orange. However, there are several sections of wall that are colored (in the micro map only, keep in mind) pink or yellow. My only guess would be that these are places that my character has determined in search mode that there aren't any secret doors, or that they're mineable walls or something. Any help?

2- Stealth is automatic, correct? IE I don't need to type in or select a command, it's a passive ability?

3- Is there a regularly updated site that will help me learn my way around? The ones I've found are either very out of date, completely unhelpful, or for variants that I'm not using.

4- What is the 'best' variant? The most user-friendly? Am I using the best-patched version of ZAngband, as from what I've read there's differing opinions on some of the later versions. Does the Tk on the end of the version I'm using mean something special I should be aware of?

5- Stats (strength, dexterity, etc) are only upgradeable via items, correct?

6- Quests- I read about the random quest generation you can select (that is, the number of random quests in total you want) but I saw no option when starting my character, nor were there any of the other options I could see that various FAQs talked about. (Things that eventually determined maximum stats, or whether it would alert you if an artifact or something like that was in the current level.) Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide. :)

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Monday, January 15th, 2007
6:06 pm
Norseband variant page is here!
For those of you who rarely read any *band forums besides this one, I'd like to announce the opening of my official home page for Norseband. Like the game itself, it's still a work in progress; all the same, I hope that future players and coders will be interested in what I've got.

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Saturday, December 30th, 2006
6:17 am
[V3.0.6] YASD?
Idril stood, flanked by greater balrogs. Without Nenya, she never saw the dracolisk that breathed frost. Frost, which she no longer had immunity to. Her position was counting down to teleport, but there were no immediate threats of death visible to her.

So rests, Idril XX on DL95.

No more playing Angband, after red-eyes while waiting on other delayed flights. :(

Current Mood: sleepy

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