is Wonder overrated?

The Wonder Spell invokes a random spell. I've just sold a Wand of Wonder for about 400 gold and, in Conjurings and Tricks, you need 10 mana to cast a Spell of Wonder (compare with 6 for Frost Bold or Teleport Self). Isn't Wonder way overrated? or am I missing something? I mean, I used it in a desperate situation just hoping that it will help me, but didn't work: one magic missile and a couple of polymorph monster.

So, am I missing something? is there any creative way of using this to do something useful?

Explosively Breeding Monsters: Cheating?

You've all seen them bazillions of times: lice, rats, mice, insects, oozes with the 'breeds explosively' characteristic. Normally worth 0.1-0.5 xp apiece, they're not worth the trouble. If you can't contain them, you run before you get overwhelmed.

But. What do you do when you find a room big enough to let them breed, a door that can be closed, and you have ball spells... and they're worth 2.5 xp apiece when your next level is 1000 xp off?

Is it cheating to spend a few thousand turns continuously farming mobs that self-replenish?

Or is it 'working as intended'? What about T.o.M.E's Lesser Wall Monsters, slow-moving, but worth -30- XP apiece, and requiring some dodging as they eat the dungeon out from around you? Would you farm those?

Your opinions welcome. :)

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*gulp* You feel ...

To speed up the early part of Angband, I decend rapidly and use most consumable items. This grants a little experience and allows me to know what they are without: either carrying them back to town, or using identify on them. On occasion this has turned dangerous, like reading scrolls of summon undead, but only once now has it been deadly.

Around dlvl 10, I found a pungent potion. A quick sip and my HP was around -4900. So I finally found a potion of death and drank from it.... :(
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Sigh...a similar mistake...

So, I didn't realize I was fighting TOM the Stone Troll and not just another stone troll. The room packed with trolls should've clued me in, but he looked like all the others. At any rate, I checked the hit points too late, and only after I started wondering what was taking so long with this one stone troll. Got about as far as the last game.

Have a question, I was using Sting because of the speed boost (7 attacks per round!). Was that the right decision?

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Yeah, I'm sure I get what I deserve, posting to a dead community, but here goes.... maybe someone's still out there.

People, what's the highest level you've played to?

Now I freely admit I have other hobbies besides Angband, but to date, I have never, ever won the game. A few days ago, I lost a character at level 39, and I was pretty damn proud of myself for getting that far. I still love this stupid game, I really do.

What's the highest level you've gotten to? With filescumming or without?

If you won the game, what did you do it with?

I used to play all high-elf mages, but got fed up with the slow exp; now I play gnome mages.

ETA: been playin' since 1993! Told you I love this stupid game.

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Playing a Half-Troll mage now. It's taken a few characters to get the hang of it, but I'm happily cruising now past stat gain. Just cleared out a 'Bubbles' vault at 2350'. Lots of uniques, out-of-depth baddies, and shinies. Picked up some extra copies of Raal's and Mordenkainen's, and also found a few copies of Tenser's. Took a long freaking time to clear out, but was worth it :)

Now I need to sort through my gear, decide what I'm going to wear, and then dive down.

Note that I'm also updating the character (more frequently) on

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my best character yet.

Just got off a really boring level where I kept lunging at Akhorahil with my spear, ignoring his eyes that seemed to drain the life out of me, until he collapsed to the floor. Then went after Castamir and got into a pattern where I'd hit and he'd heal himself until eventually his magic failed him. Medusa was near, but I kept encountering her after someone else had beaten me up first, so I'd have to teleport. Then I took out Rogrog, shooting him with acid from far away so that he wouldn't shoot me with acid. Finally I encountered Medusa when I was healthy enough to battle her. I drilled a twisty corridor into the wall with my spells and started at her with my spear when she ventured in, and she eventually fell, too. Interesting time for a boring level. I wanted to go back and pick up whatever Akhorahil had dropped, but it got too dangerous with the hydras that outlived Medusa when they burnt my staff of teleportation and I was low on spell books.

Unlike my last character, I didn't have free action until I'd been hanging around levels 20-22 for quite a while and finally found a ring. It probably made me more prepared for stat gain. Wielding Totila would be nice for the confusion resist, but I do much more damage with Aeglos (maybe that will change when I have more DEX). I figure I won't dive much more at least until my dex is maxed (I haven't found nearly enough dexterity potions). Of course, I want hold life, too, but I haven't found anything that would give it.

Feel free to give advice.

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Never send a high-elf [Fingolfin] to do a half-troll's job.

Since the last update, Basil began to accelerate towards the final conflict. Nenya and the Mithril Plate Mail of Celeborn rounded out his gear; final configuration gave him fire/acid/cold immunities, ridiculous damage, esp, +38 permanent speed, and all high resists save shards.

By the time he got to Sauron, he had cleared all the uniques save for three. Sauron summoned Baphomet (quickly dispatched) and then proceeded to lead me on a merry* chase around the level for the last 40% of his hp. After Sauron teleported away ~10 times, he decided to stick around and see if he could mana storm me to death.

* not merry

You can probably guess how well that worked.

One thing left to do, then.

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Slowly diving downwards. Found a greater vault at 3650' .. between it and a few dozen great wyrms, Basil is close to his end-game gear. I'm going to dive down more rapidly now, pausing only to kill uniques and clear vaults.

The greater vault was very good to Basil. It contained a few greater wyrms, master qulythulgs, and Lungorthin, Gabriel, and Carcharoth. Gabriel gave me a bit of grief with his summons, and Lungorthin summoned Pazuzu to join in the party. All were slain, and the greater vault was pillaged.

Note that I am cross-posting the character to

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