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Wow, I've nevered been in the dark with this, but I do have some light source at hand. Been wondering if there's a way to jazz up a variant using availible source codes availible quick and effective. Don't get me wrong, it's not a heavily focus project, nor am I'm making a real life variant to give to all the boys and girls, it's to get my fixes. I have to warn you though I do have experience in programming, but I don't know JACK about C. It also helps me in a crash course of learning the language a little on my journey of weaving this junk together. Hehe, I think it would be a little fun to tinker with the innerts and making it work beutifully.

Quick-Fix Variants & Plans

There's two variants I like to weave up. Damned and DreamBand.

Damned. This is really my DoomRL fix, before the update of the official DoomRL update. This is also based on my currently working project, Threshold. In this variant it has feature, and creatures as closely simular to the one I'm working on. I'll show thee.

--Wound Points
--Monster Races [automation, equiptment, catraptions]
--Guns and RayGuns
--Skills Thingy

--Monster Races [Angels, demons, etc.]

--Useful Features

I definently know it's a hit or miss ordeal, but it's most definently fun to try. I won't add much now, since I'll be updating this post later on.

DreamBand. Oh gaud. Should I really say it? It's...dun dun DDUUUNN. Azure Dreams base variant =O. Now it's not a blatent Azure Dreams game, but you do have a tower, a familiar, the level one upon entry of the tower. But I'm wiping up cool features for it. Definently not something I'm starting too soon. It's also based on a project of mine, THE PROJECT of mine (very sensative, don't crap on it).

Unlike Damned, it's less wiped together and more of a real variant thingy(It will soon, this thing will). Stuff like familiar's AI, items that are balanced in a way that it's vital to know what to keep and what and how to use some. Plus, classes that's transforms gameplay.

There's some of my plans, I just need help finding some source on the net how most of these variant's are put together to work. I think I can decrypt most of it to understand them, tons of comments everywhere, it's hard to get lost (almost).

I'll see if there's a place to post this for some helpful advice.

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