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Basil is currently decked out. He has all high resists save disenchant and shards, plenty of speed, lots of damage, decent (but not 18/200) hp, etc. A few more gear upgrades and he'll be set to take on morgoth. I need to dive and fast :)

At 2250' Basil found a greater vault. I've taken some screen dumps and posted them here. He spotted a long sword (4d5) sitting in the NE corner and made a beeline for it. Yep, my second character to find ringil! Also picked up the Golden Crown of Gondor and a couple rings of speed (+3, +6).

Two undead vaults between then and now have also coughed up a number of tasty artifacts.

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Let's hope posting a dump doesn't get me whacked immediately like last time :)

Got a half-troll warrior sitting in stat-gain now. Just killed Lorgan - three times! The first two times a buggy ati driver crashed my xserver after I killed him and forgot to save. The third battle was much closer than the last two - Lorgan summoned the Queen Ant, an Emperor Wight (+10 speed, casts nether bolts), and a Death Knight (+10 speed, casts nether bolts, summons monsters). I ported most of the uglies away with my wands, which pick the worst times to fail.

Lorgan reduced me to double digit hp a couple of times in our fight (not with any nether bolt casters around, happily). Finally dropped him, then I hunted down the wights and the death knight. I fought the death knight in an anti-summoning tunnel, as he liked to bring along more wights, master vampires, etc as we fought..

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Started a new character recently. Gen's been lucky so far, picking up a blessed sword early on with ESP. Situational awareness seems to help, since she's made it down to stat-gain.

Gen, level 31 High-Elf Mage @ 1550'Collapse )

I rolled this character in Angband 3.0.6, brought her into 3.0.9 and played with her long enough to find out that 3.0.6 won't load a 3.0.9 savefile :). Angband 3.0.9 has some interesting new options, but adult_ai_smart is broken for whatever reason. I have ai_smart forced off in the code (ignores savefile option), monsters don't flow like I'm used to. Bleh.


Edit: turns out, it wasn't Morgoth that got me :) Found a big big vault @ 1550' when I went back down, surrounded by permanent walls. Detect monsters reveals a handful of zephyr hounds, young and mature dragons (incl a mature multi-hued) .. and then an Ancient Gold Dragon and a Death Drake. Detect Enchantments revealed a handful of items (incl mithril armor) and stat potions, so I'm going in. I tunneled through the rock, luring the mobs out one by one and either teleporting them away from out of line of sight (MMHD, AGD, DD) or killing them.

YASD @ 1550'Collapse )

How could I have avoided this?

So I was on level 32, shooting missiles off at monsters in a corridor, trying to avoid losing too many hp. I had a good feeling. It magically summoned monsters, and then it magically summoned its minions. Maybe that should have been a clue to get away (I hadn't yet found any stat potions). I had 94/177 hp, and then:

It casts a nether bolt. --more--
You feel your life draining away. You die. --more--

The latter "it" was a black wraith, six levels out of depth.

I'm just not any good at this game. *sigh*

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Tiles Question

Way back when I was first exposed to Angband, several years ago, the game came with an enhanced tileset. Nothing super fancy, not real 'graphics' - just solid-color block items with just enough definition to know what they were. A suit of armor was an armor-shaped blob in grey for metal, in tan for leather, and the like.

I liked that intermediate "not quite graphic, but better than ASCII" tileset, but subsequent releases I've tried don't see to have it - I can do ASCII, or I can do full-on graphics.

Is that pseudo-graphical tileset available in any relatively modern release of Angband or ZAngband?

Bonus question : *IS* there a relatively modern release of ZAngband? Thangorodrim seems dormant, and rephial is just for the pure game.
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[Zangband 2.7.4c] Change race back?

My dark elven warrior accidentally caught a ball of radiation and turned into an ugly cyclops :/. Is there any way to turn him back? He got a potion of new life (and can search the dungeon for more if needed) - but I'm afraid this wont help, since it is no mutation.
Any ideas?

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Arameldor VII is a 33 dwarven priest in NPPAngband, just now entering stat gain. He picked up a quest to clear out a demon-infested cave dweller stronghold at 1450'. The ~260 demons included Draebor the Imp, a few dozen Vrocks and Erinyes, a few Death Quasits and bunch of Boleks, Tengus, Quasits, Homunculi, and Imps. Fireballs and bolts ended up burning quite a bit of his gear - staff of teleport, quite a few of his prayer books .. but a slow and steady advancing approach dropping things out of range with orb of draining worked well.

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Holy overpowered rangerness, Batman! That was by far the easiest Morgoth battle I've ever had. After the GCV at 2700' and all its goodies and dead uniques, Aragorn dove like a rock down to 4950'. Little equipment of any interest was found except for a better Ring of Speed (+13) and Narya, which gave me some pause for thought. In the end, I decided fire immunity was better than a second Ring of Speed (three cheers for my precious arrows not getting incinerated and for laughing in the faces of silly Great Hell Wyrms!). The one hole in my defenses was the total lack of lightning resistance, which meant that Great Storm Wyrms and their ilk (as well as anything that likes to summon Ancient Dragons!) were to be greatly feared. I couldn't find any source of lightning resistance strong enough to justify switching equipment, so I tended to walk around with Resistance in effect. Sauron caught me out in the open and reminded me why I hate summoners (if I'd wanted a graveyard, I would have scummed for one*), but a teleport, an exorcism, some digging, and a few well placed arrows had him begging for mercy. Since my last Mage victory involved the now defunct Globe of Invulnerability**, I decided to go the Priest route and make a Rune of Protection*** chamber. What a waste. Teleport Other and a generous supply of Seeker Arrows of Holy Might shut the twisted Valar down for good in record time. Oh, he summoned Vecna, the Emperor Lich and Kronos, Lord of the Titans, and they brought their escorts with them, but Aragorn was packing every scroll of Banishment and Mass Banishment he'd been able to save, so, uh, yeah.

In short, Rangers rock. Also, this game still needs an 'auto_destroy_crappy_items' option. Dump from after returning to town:
YACDCollapse )
* There was no scumming involved in the production of this victory.
** Thanks for rubbing that spell's absence in, whoever wrote the description for the Potion of Death!
*** When did Rune of Protection find its way into a Mage spellbook?!
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Curse you Shelob!

So I'm playing T.O.M.E., and doing very well (3rd best character I've ever had) as a Rhonanknight Possessor. Mirkwood was tough. One level I had a quest to kill Ancient Dragons and then later I had a quest to kill Green Thunderbirds (I was in the mid 20s at the time). I swapped out bodies before tackling the Thunderbirds, and through a lot of thought and consideration I got through the encounters. I was quite proud of myself at this point for strategically succeeding. I ended up incarnating the Thunderlord's body, and life became a breeze. I cleared out Moria no problem (Durin's Bane was a wimp). I cleared out Cirith Ungol with little problem. Shelob gave me some trouble, but I overcame.

So where is the badness? Shelob dropped her corpse, and I figured I would upgrade. I figured I would lose a slot to hold my weapon and probably couldn't wear any boots or gloves. I checked my resists and everything, and I thought I would be fine without those items. So I make the change, lose the Thunderlord body, and get Shelob. First off, I was accostomed to 7 blows/round averaging in the mid 300s for damage. Now I get 4 blows/round for mid 100s for damage. The spells she can cast are resisted by most creatures. I could summon spiders (that got me interested in taking the body in the first place), but they were usually low level spiders. I headed into Mordor and got stomped pretty handily (depsite 1400+ hp). I was surrounded by enemies and couldn't fight my way out. I'm pretty sure I could have if I had kept my Thunderlord body.

Lesson learned the hard way.