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Dominic Deegan

Dunadan Priest: Fanfic and Chardump

The street was littered with the corpses of children. In the orange glow of the setting sun, Angelo strode unconcernedly through the withered husks that had only moments earlier been street urchins, grinning through their crooked teeth and holding out their filthy hands to the obviously wealthy priest. Angelo had hardly given them a glance before calling upon the prayer that would suck the breath right out of them and clear his path. He glanced back momentariliy at the small, shriveled bodies, but merely shrugged indifferently. Such wretches could hardly have lives worth living. Let them meet their God all the sooner.

Across the street, an old, battle-scarred veteran was eying Angelo fearfully. Angelo realized the man must have seen what he had done to the begging children. The priest met the accusing stare with his own cold gaze, and the veteran immediately looked away. When Angelo had first arrived here, the townsfolk had felt the need to test him. Back then he had had no conception of the magnitude of the horrors he would encounter below, and had also naively assumed that the townsfolk would be only too happy to greet their new hero. What a fool he had been! On his very first day in town, one of the local mercenaries had thrashed him so badly that, in fear of his life, he'd had to flee down the dungeon stairs for safety. (Such irony!) Never mind. They were realizing their proper station now. They would learn how to show proper respect to their savior.

Night had fallen now. In the darkness, Angelo could no longer see any of the townsfolk. He knew they were probably around, but maintaining a respectful distance. They could now recognize him from a long way off, even at night; he no longer relied on that flickering, unreliable lantern. The entire area around him glowed with clear, unwavering, white light from the crystal phial that hung around his neck on a silver chain. He had found it, strangely, in the darkest of places: a blasted level, where the hard rock walls had been torn apart by mighty spells during a great battle fought long, long ago. Angelo could still hear the echoing groans of the ghosts, drifting amongst the heaps of rubble, begging for an end to their torment.

The dead, however, did not rule their territory alone. Angelo's prayers of divination revealed a treasure vault that had somehow escaped destruction. The ogres that guarded it had been utterly unprepared to face a true servant of God. With the divine protection of his prayers, their many savage blows deflected harmlessly, and he smote them with hammer and prayer until every one of them lay dead. It was there in that vault that he found the phial that had lit his way ever since; even the grime and filth of the ogres could not conceal its pure glow.

As he approached the temple, the memory of his victory brought a cold smile of triumph to Angelo's thin lips. His power had increased a hundredfold since he had begun his quest. Clearly, God had designated him the savior who would finally rid the world of Morgoth's evil, and make it safe for the innocent. A sudden movement drew his gaze to a lean, pitiful beggar huddled on the temple steps. The beggar spotted the priest, and immediately scurried away. Angelo's smile broadened. Yes, he would cleanse the world, purify it, for the sake of all the poor and the weak and the helpless.

And they would love him for it.

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